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“MoCI” is prepared to receive the yellow date crops for the year 2017

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Sun, 13/8/2017

Awad Al Alawy:

  • The governmental subsidization will be for the direct exporters of this year’s crops
  • It is necessary that the farmer gets an invoice or contract from the exporter to be have his subsidization

The role of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry continues to receive the yellow date crops each year in the government warehouses in the big valley from different productive provinces in the Sultanate. The Ministry presents governmental subsidization for the exporters and farmers of the yellow dates. Also, they will subsidize the farmers exporting their products directly to the foreign markets for this year 2017, in order to encourage them to find new alternatives where the yellow dates are being sold.

Awad bin Saeed Al Alawy, the director of the commercial affairs department in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry said: The Ministry was prepared earlier this year to receive the yellow dates for the year 2017 from the farmers, by preparing the yellow dates warehouses in the big valley to contain the crops. The Ministry started the tender number 3 / 2017 which is to transport and prepare the yellow dates for the year 2017, this is to contract with one of the local facilities to ship the yellow dates to the warehouses in the ministry, clean it, and refill it in new bags in order to export it. In addition, the ministry has started the tender ni 1 / 2017 about selling the crop of the year 2017 for a competition between the local companies to buy the crop, and start marketing it within and without the Sultanate, pointing out that the Ministry has made some amendments on the tender in order to decrease the losses in compare with the past years.


Receiving the Crop of Yellow Date the Past Year


The Director of the Commercial Affairs in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry pointed out the ministry has finished receiving the crop in the past year with all its kinds, with a number of importers that reached 324 and a total weight of 1610 tons and 96 KGs, the company that bought it the past year 2016 has managed to market and export almost all the quantities, and what remains will be exported in the upcoming period.


Direct Export from the Farmers

Awad Al Alawy assure that there are large quantities or yellow dates were directly exported by the farmers in the past year 2016, by their own way without importing it to the Ministry. With a total weight of 1609 tons and510 KGs, while the gross value of subsidization provided by the Ministry reached 107236 RO, these money were delivered for the farmers exporting their yellow dates directly with a value of 62 RO per ton. Moreover, the Ministry continues to encourage the farmers to increase their work on exporting the yellow dates directly through this year 2017 and the coming years, as it does enhance the national economy effectively.


Quality Invitation

The Director of the Commercial Affairs Department remarked the necessity of the quality of the products that are being imported to the Ministry of Commerce and Industry or directly exported to the foreign market, this is by taking care of its cleanliness so that it would keep its good reputation and compete in the local and foreign markets. Also, they seek transforming some sorts of yellow dates into dates in order to feed the need of the market, local and foreign factories for dates, also for being better for the economy being produced as yellow dates.



Awad bin Saeed Al Alawy also urged the farmers on the necessity of the serious attempts to increase the exportations of their products in this year and the coming years in their special way, for the positive impact on them, on the economy, and on the crops. Assuring that the farmers exporting their products directly will be eligible for the governmental subsidization which is 62.500 RO per ton. However, in case the farmer did sell their crops to other merchant or one of their colleagues to export it instead, they will need to have the invoice or a contract from the exporter, this is to guarantee his eligibility in getting the subsidization. 

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