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More than 144 thousand commercial and industrial Registers through “Invest Easy” portal during the last year

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The Ministry of Commerce and Industry clarified that the number of commercial and industrial registers introduced electronically through “Invest Easy” portal during the period from January 1st till December 31st of the year 2016 has reached (144814), including (83787) active registers, (60765) cancelled registers, and (262) suspended ones.

The statistics showed that these registers were represented in: General partnership company, commandite company ,limited liability company, general joint stock company, commercial mandate office, general partnership company abiding to the foreign investment law, commandite company abiding to the foreign investment law, limited liability company abiding to the foreign investment law, general Omani joint stock company (governmental and foreign partnership), itinerant salesman and non-profitable organizations.

“Invest Easy” portal aims at facilitating and providing services and advantages for investors and business sector, in one portal and one source of data related to commercial work; in addition, achieving the clarity in procedures, the ability of updating all the company’s data electronically, saving time and effort and increasing the trust of investors. Not to mention, the portal aims at improving the environment of commercial business, increasing the diversity in commercial business environment, and make it easy for start-ups; it also helps increasing the foreign investors, as the portal provides transparency when dealing with business community.

It worth mentioning that “Invest Easy” portal provides 77 electronic services, from which the investors can finish their commercial transactions, in addition to improving the data existence; in other words, providing an integrated comprehended file for the company through the traditional channels and internet for all the concerned parties, simplifying the procedures of registering a company, and activating all the transactions related to people who carry ID authenticated with PKI.

Furthermore, simplifying the procedures of getting licenses, by publishing all the requirements in an appropriate way to investors; the update also works on improving the administrative efficiency of the commercial register and licenses; in other words, emerging all the procedures with the governmental parties related to commercial register with the specialized governmental parties; in addition, the project will focus on developing the providing of services of “Invest Easy”.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry invites all the investors, businessmen, and the owners of the small and medium enterprises to use the electronic services, as the direction towards these services will ease the crowd of reviewers in the one station, at the ministry and the different departments and directorates all over the Sultanate.

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