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Ministry works on building abilities for the preparation of industrial strategy (2020-2040)

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Sun, 16/4/2017

In cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) keeps executing training programs that aim at preparing the industrial strategy (2020-2040) along with the participation of a number of authorities that are concerned with the industrial sector represented by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Supreme Council for Planning, the Ministry of Manpower and industrial and free zones.

The programs aim at building national abilities that review the current industrial strategy, evaluate the local industrial performance and comparing it with the international one. The program has been divided into three interrelated units that seek empowering the participants in the course from theoretical evaluation about the Omani industrial sector performance; in addition to the evidences of the competitiveness of the sector in both production and exports, as well as helping the participants know the main effective factors on the industrial performance. For instance, some of these factors are (technology, finance, skills, investment, infrastructure and organization). Inclusiveness and environmental sustainability are being shed light on as well. Moreover, the course focuses on the diversification in the industrial sector and how many risks it may face in the framework of the market with full concentration on production. Special attention will be paid to identifying the quantitative indicator to be used as a main indicator and the main guidelines for the new strategy in full coordination with adopting the policies that are based on proof and evidences.

The first program of the course was held last March from the 20th-23rd under the title of (Industrial Competitiveness). The second program was held during from 3rd-6th of this April under the title of (Industrial Diversification and Harmony). The third program will be held this May from 8th-11th under the title of (Industrial Organization).

The participants in this course are expected to be able to download process and analyze the data from a group of international information sources, such as the United Nations Statistics Base for Commodity Trade through Integrated Global Trade Solutions (WITS) and the UNIDO Statistics Data Portal (INDSTAT). Moreover, they are expected to get to know the total industrial capacity of competitiveness through identifying and approaching it, as well as to justify the importance of economy to the economically-developing countries, get to know the UNIDO’s competitive industrial performance indexes and their dimensions. In addition; they are expected to know the interpretation, analysis and calculations, as well as to know the dimensions of the other industrial performance which includes the dynamic, diversification and harmony with other countries’ sectors and other countries concerning the industrial field, access to different activities chains analyses which are added-value-generating, acknowledge of the regional and international dynamic chains and the analysis of the Sultanate’s exports capacity to be competitive under technical criteria.

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