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Ministry of Commerce and Industry Provides its Services during Eid Al Adha Holiday

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Wed, 30/8/2017

Aiming to achieve continuous work and accelerate transactions through Invest Easy System, Ministry of Commerce and Industry will continue to provide its services during Eid Al Adha holiday starting from Thursday, 31/8/2017, until Monday, 4/9/2017, through remote work system which has been applied recently in the Ministry.

The Ministry assures that Invest Easy Portal will provide all of its services to investors during the holiday. The transactions will be completed through the Portal by the ministry's employees from their homes since Invest Easy System allows the employees of the ministry to follow up on the submitted applications by investors and complete them electronically without having to be in the Ministry’s building.

The decision of remote work came aiming to make Ministry of Commerce and Industry employee performs the work in different workplace, either at home, in public places or even during holidays, provided that the increase of the employee's productivity, the speed of transactions achievement and improve the accuracy of performance, as well as, the optimum use of modern technologies through Invest Easy System.

It is noteworthy that the "Invest Easy" Portal offers 77 electronic services for investors including opening commercial register, adding/deleting commercial activities, licensing or locating commercial activities, adding/deleting authorized signatories and other electronic services.

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