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Next week, the Sultanate hosts the fourth regional cycle for the Commercial Policies of the Arabian Countries

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Sun, 1/10/2017

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry, in cooperation with WTO organizes the fourth regional cycle for the commercial policies of the Arabian countries, it is hosted by Sultan Qaboos University, in the period starting from October 8th till November 30th 2017. It is worth mentioning that there are (21) participants from the Sultanate, Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Morocco, Sudan, Syria, and Tunisia.

The cycle aims at identifying and understanding the conventions of WTO, the rules and procedures of the organization, enhance the understanding of the participants when it comes to the commercial policies in the framework of these conventions, also to contribute giving them the skills related to WTO. Moreover, to get them to know enough information about the organization and the conventions agreed on in its framework, also to enhance their abilities in writing their own commercial policies, for their countries. In addition, giving them experience in the field of analysis for the commercial policies of the member countries in the organization and its effect, whether positive or negative on the Arabian countries; for example, the harmful commercial practices like the dumping policy. Moreover, to give them the skills of negotiation, how to read legal texts, using electronic system to settle the conflicts between the member countries. The participants will also get to know the skills related to extracting the necessary data related to all the conventions, which is available online on the organization website. 

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