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8050 is the number of top 10 commercial activities registered in Q1 of the year 2017

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Sun, 13/8/2017

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry exerts tremendous efforts to support the capabilities of the two sectors of commerce and industry by developing and preparing the general policies, required studies and legislations and to implement them effectively.  In addition, the ministry pleads the private sector, small and medium enterprises, and the investors to exert more efforts to promote its efforts to contribute developing the national economy and finding opportunities for citizens.

The department of statistics in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry clarified that the top tem registered commercial activities in Q1 has reached 8050 registrations.

The Ministry pointed out that designing and sewing women cloths, Arabian and non-Arab, is considered to be highest registered activity in Q1, with a total number of 1174, followed by the activity of ironing cloths with a number of 965 activities, 939 registrations for caf├ęs, 851 registrations for barbers, 753 registrations in the field of buildings, 721 registrations for the import and export offices, 708 registrations in the field of laundry, 682 registrations in the field of cleaning cars, 665 registrations in the field of restaurants; and finally, 592 activities in the field of grocery and supermarkets. 

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