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Sun, 5/3/2017

Announcement No. 2 /2017

Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces the sale of used movable proprieties and dried dates as following (....)

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Wed, 18/1/2017

Announcement No. 1/2017

In the framework of cooperation between the ministry and some of government bodies, the Ministry announces, the institutions and companies registered in "mental skills" activity and classified under No. (809 007) in national classification of economic activities shall cancel the name of the above mentioned activity and replace it with one of the following activities (....)

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Tue, 1/11/2016

Announcement No. 11/2016

Ministry of Commerce and Industry announces to all citizens and residents the necessity to go to the nearest distributor or agent to replace their cooking gas cylinders manufactured in or before 1995 by November 15, cylinders will not be replaced after the specified date.

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Tue, 29/11/2016

Announcement No. 9/2016

Ministry of Commerce and Industry noticed the illegal use of the national emblem of Oman (khanjar and two swords) and the royal emblem (crown, khanjar and two swords) by some commercial establishments (....)

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Wed, 3/8/2016

Announcement No. 6/ 2016

MOCI requests from the owners of establishments and companies to renew their expired commercial registers (....)

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Mon, 2/5/2016

Announcement No. 4/ 2016

MOCI requests from all establishments and companies which have pilgrims transport activity (....)

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